The WordSearch Game

If you wish, before setting up the wordsearch panel - click the START button to have a quick look at the panel with the current settings.

Set up the wordsearch panel to suit your preferences: width and height of the letters, view or not view progress bar and timer (we suggest you leave these at view), colours of the panel background and letters.

Delete and/or add words that you wish to include in the search panel. After adding (typing) a word press enter on your keyboard.

When you're happy with the settings click the START button. You can always return to the settings - by pressing the NEW button on the wordsearch panel - if you wish alter them.

You'll get the hang of it when you have played a couple of wordsearch games.
When you have found a 'word' click-and-hold on the first letter and drag your mouse over the complete word, this will trigger the progress bar.

How quickly can you - or your competitor - find your chosen words ?

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If you're quick at this, contact us and tell us how long it took you to complete your wordsearch game - keep a screen-shot of the completed game, we'll let you know how to send this to us and get your name on the GJH WordSearch high scorers wall.

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